Preparation and Performance

Some of my studio workshops like Anchoring, Breathing and Vocal Placement are very important ones and I advise singers do these workshops as often as they can.  Other workshops are one-offs and usually relevant to some singers who have asked about different areas of musicality or vocal technique.  Sometimes workshops are scheduled as part of the semester for a given group but private students (especially those who don’t come every week) and group students who have time to do a bit extra are encouraged to book in for any studio workshop or masterclass that interests them.

I think the workshop Preparation and Performance could also be classified as a very important one.  The lessons of performing provide a different training ground.  Singers learn about professional respect, being in step, holding space, maintaining authenticity, working under pressure and understanding the big picture.  

Understanding that a commitment to a date is part of preparation etc. may seem basic but it isn’t as cut and dry as it might seem.  Preparation and Performance is about knowing where you can stretch yourself but it’s also about respecting your limitations.  Commitment is part of preparation so understanding exactly what your important role is can be vital to the smooth running of your special song at a wedding, family event or professional engagement.
Part of your preparation is understanding your audience.  Sometimes concerts are amped up so high that it doesn’t matter what an audience does.  Other performances motivate the audience to participate or dance but classical music concerts, choral concerts and performances that are not amplified usually require full engagement from the audience. 

There will be some discussion about studio concerts in my teaching space as many singer who attend this workshop use this space to practice these important skills.    I am not the teacher at a studio concert.  This is your time to show your professionalism and I watch, listen and learn a lot about the singers during that time.  


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