Using Your Voice in the World

I’ve often said that singing reveals the best and worst of everything.  As the singer takes each new step they reveal parts of themselves.  Re-framing, having the courage to really look and update beliefs about voicing and expression are also part of voice training.  Having the firmness to say what needs to be said is different to venting or gossiping.  The directness of theatre training brought about by time constraints encourages singers to speak clearly and say what they need as opposed to complaining, criticising or getting defensive.  If each singer has what they need they can be responsible for themselves.  It’s not a journey that’s for everybody but language is important whether it is via a lyric, what is said in rehearsal or through musicality.  Expressive language is powerful so if we can use that power wisely and articulate truthfully as opposed to acting out old pain it makes for a better world.

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