Singers Integrity

It is a mystery to someone of tribal heritage as to why a person brought up in a western city can’t sing.  Many singers need to travel backwards to find what it is that has locked up natural voicing.

One important thing gets very overlooked.  It is simply the power of choice.  Choice is a fundamental power of the human experience.  So authority and how we think of that sometimes needs to be considered and really understood.  Ultimately singers need to be their own authority.  Of course that won’t happen in a choir so choral singers often find the voice lesson studio to be  challenging experience.

There are choices that matter when it comes to vocal health and expression.  Empowering some of those small choices may not seem powerful at all but choices that seem insignificant can effect our sensitivity and well-being and therefore what we express and show to the world.

Generally a singer will present with a number of concepts that they almost understand or they may have a list of things that they feel they need to know.  At other times they might present with excuses for not being able to sing.  If all those singers do is try harder, the difficulties may become chronic and blame even plays out.

Choice is powerful.  This is why some singers are terrified of the consequence of being held accountable for their vocal choices.  “I don’t know” becomes an answer because the brain is thinking about what we might feel and the heart and head are not working together.  When this is the case, choices get postponed.

So here’s a few steps for choices along the vocal journey.  Remember that this is the part that doesn’t always get talked about.

1  Decision to be in Integrity

Don’t betray yourself by trying to impress or forcing others to please you.  An honest singer will go a long way.  People who have a moral crisis will blame others who make choices that they should have made themselves.  They then express their confusion through their body language and vocal tone.

2  Don’t pass on your Anxiety, pass on your Wisdom

Many great singers have experienced a lot of suffering.  Healing is not about forgetting.  It is about moving on and not being defeated.  Great singers are often great healers.

3  Choice to take risks – Don’t wait for proof

Fear of humiliation and failure that may not even happen can hinder expression.  This needs to be acknowledged for what it is.   Don’t take the safe path.  Don’t look backwards for guidance.  There is nothing back there.  That part is over.  Choose to go forward.

4  Be Grateful

The act of singing makes us feel alive.  It is a great escape when life is hard and there is room to be creative.  Be thankful that you have a voice and for the gift of communication it provides.

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