Private Lessons


The private lesson is in many ways directed by the student. No two lessons are the same and many vocal techniques are studied as they are needed. There is no linear process. There are many reasons why a singer might choose to have private lessons:

  • If you sing professionally or are wanting to sing professionally one to one tuition is by far the best way to go.
  • If you want to learn more complex music or prepare for exams or auditions.
  • If you have some blockages in your voice that you feel would be too confronting to work on in a group situation.
  • If you want to understand your voice on an emotional, mental and even spiritual level.
  • If you are a beginner wanting to join a singing group.
  • If the one to one format suits your personality more than group work.
  • If you have never learned singing and feel that group work would be too confronting.
  • If you like to sing with guitar and write your own songs.
  • You are currently singing in a studio group and feel like you need some extra support.
  • You feel that you would benefit more or would enjoy working one to one

Private Lessons can provide an opportunity for working on more subtle areas of voice training that can’t be worked on in a group.

Every student is respected. Whatever the reasons for wanting to learn to sing, all singers will be encouraged. It is an absolutely fascinating process.

Singers are encouraged to take part in workshops and masterclasses if they choose.