Studio Groups

Studio groups all have a definite purpose of study.  Each singer has the possibility of learning some vocal technique, musicality and artistry.  The groups all differ in regards to what is studied.  All groups learn a selection of songs of varied styles.  Some of the groups are causal and some require more commitment.

All groups work for about 10 weeks.  Costs vary depending on the length of the semester.  A concert/workshop is included but it is not included in any fees and is not compulsory.


CAPRICCIO – Monday 7.15pm – 9pm


Capriccio 2018 Semester Four dates


IMPROMPTU – Tuesday 1pm – 3pm


In Recess


MOTIF – Tuesday 7.15pm – 9pm


Click here for Motif – 2018 Semester 4 Dates


INTERMEZZO – Wednesday 5.15pm – 7pm


Intermezzo dates 2018 Semester 4



TEMPO – Wednesday 7.15pm – 9pm

Tempo 2018 Semester 4 dates


CODA5 – Thursday 6.30pm – 9.15pm

Click here for coda5 2018 Semester 4 dates



2018 Semester Four

Tuesday 20 November 6pm – 7.15pm, Thursday 6 December 5pm – 6.30pm,  Sunday 9 December – SPECIAL GROUP CONCERT AT THE GREEN OWL

CANTABILE – Thursday 12.30pm – 2pm

Cantabile dates and fees


Singers in the Community