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Singers Integrity

It is a mystery to someone of tribal heritage as to why a person brought up in a western city can’t sing.  Many singers need to travel backwards to find what it is that has locked up natural voicing. One important thing gets very overlooked.  It is simply the power of choice.  Choice is a… Read more »

Music is a Conversation

Hi Singers In 1984 I moved to Australia.  I really wanted to get into the WA Academy of Performing Arts known to many as the WAAPA.  I was also searching for other groups interested in Opera, as nobody in Perth knew who I was.  I was privileged to go to many classical music concerts and… Read more »

Using Your Voice in the World

I’ve often said that singing reveals the best and worst of everything.  As the singer takes each new step they reveal parts of themselves.  Re-framing, having the courage to really look and update beliefs about voicing and expression are also part of voice training.  Having the firmness to say what needs to be said is different… Read more »

Preparation and Performance

Some of my studio workshops like Anchoring, Breathing and Vocal Placement are very important ones and I advise singers do these workshops as often as they can.  Other workshops are one-offs and usually relevant to some singers who have asked about different areas of musicality or vocal technique.  Sometimes workshops are scheduled as part of the semester for a… Read more »