Vocal technique workshops and Musicality workshops are open to all current singers.  They are also open to casual students, past students and newcomers.  Workshops are balanced with a certain amount of music making, and fun singing.  Most workshops provide a lot of information and an opportunity to explore and experiment in a fun environment.  There are a few workshops that have solos (always specified)  but generally this is not the case and singers can come along knowing that they will not be called upon to do this.   themselves but most workshops.


Tuesday 10 October 1pm – 3pm

Maximum Group Size 12 singers

Cost:  $35

Newcomers Welcome!

All music needs the framework of beat.  This is what keeps singers and musicians working together.  It provides a different form of communication that doesn’t require language.  This workshop examines pulse.  What it means to music and what it means to singers as individuals.



Wednesday 18 October 7.15pm – 9pm

Cost:  $35

Maximum Group Size:  12 singers

Newbies welcome!

Vocal placement is all about achieving maximum resonance and lifting the voice off the throat.  It’s a very important workshop in that it addresses the health of the throat and possibilities for using the voice well when the throat is compromised.  Placing the voice helps with vocal range and tonal possibilities.   Most singers find that singing is easy for some time after doing the vocal placement workshop.

It’s a good workshop to do at least once a year!



Wednesday 8 November 5.30pm – 7pm

Cost $35

Maximum Group Size:  12 Singers

Newbies Welcome!

This workshop will address some of the different areas of breathing for singers:

  • Supporting good breathing
  • Creating space to cushion good breathing
  • Different types of voicing after the in-breath
  • Calming the nervous system
  • The muscles and good balance
  • Releasing as opposed to pushing air
  • Good flow
  • Breath as expression
  • Breath and tone



Tuesday 14 November 7.15pm – 9pm

Cost:  $35

Maximum Group Size:  12 Singers

Newbies Welcome!

While improvisation starts with exploration, colours and tones, there are more specific choices that singers can make if they are interested in learning some general rules of musicianship.



Friday 1 December 5.30pm until 7.15pm

Cost:  $35

Maximum Group Size:  8 Singers

Singers must be able to demonstrate good vocal placement to attend this workshop.

Belting is the technical term used for employing non-classical technique to very high singing.  The aim is to keep the voice raw and raunchy but still healthy.  Belting is usually the technique used by rock and pop singers but it is also used in musical theatre and believe it nor classical singers need it too for characterisation and tone colour.






























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